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YC Health Studio 

YC Health has a unique approach to treating chronic and acute conditions.  Young L. Cannon BCTMB, MMP, CES owner and Movement Therapist,  developed a functional treatment modality called Structural Integration Therapy TM (SIT).  This innovative approach to dealing with chronic and acute pain as well as postural deviations is a systematic manual manipulation technique used to eliminate trigger points, myofacial blockage, and increase functional mobility.  Your initial treatment consist of a full assessment and evaluation, including but not limited to, a posture and movement assessment with our state of the arts PostureScreen software, a hands on treatment for your particular condition, along with take home self-treatment options for continued care.  We also contact your primary care Physician to create an integrated approach to your treatment plan. 

Structural Integration Therapy TM

SIT is excellent for the reduction of chronic complaints such as sciatica, tension headaches, shoulder pain and other chronic conditions that aren’t responding to traditional therapy. SIT releases hyper-contractions and spasms in soft tissue allowing increased circulation and range of motion.  This treatment helps to restore ideal postural alignment and re-educates proper functional movement. With this evidence based method and our customized advanced assessment, we are able to successfully treat a variety of common conditions.  Whether you have chronic low back pain or experience a sports related injury, our highly trained Certified Medical Massage Therapist are here to assist you.   

YC Health Treats:

Postural Deviations (Scoliosis, Upper & Lower Cross Syndrome), Gait Mechanics, Headaches,  TMJ Syndrome, Neck Injuries, Low Back & Spinal Injuries & Pain, Rotator Cuff Injuries, Hip & Pelvis Dysfunction,  ACL & Other Knee Injuries, IT Band Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis,  Tennis  & Golfer's  Elbow, & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  We also offers Kinesiolgy taping for most soft tissue injuries, postural realignment, joint stabilization, and sport related activities.